You + I = US (Someday)



Someday I’ll write a poem
About you and I
All the first we will have
And all the first we will do together
Our first meeting
Our first touch
Our first kiss
Our first life as ‘US’

We will have the same day
Same morning
Same afternoon
Same evening
Same midnight
We will greet each other at the same time
We wake up with good morning kisses
We will sleep with good night hugs

I will no longer see your back
But I’ll be in front of you
Watching you while you are singing
And you’ll see me smiling
Clapping for I am so happy
Happy to be with you

We will no longer use our phone
No more headset
No more wifi nor 3G
No more Skype nor video call
No more viber nor messenger
For together we will walk on the same ground
While holding each other hands
And sharing about our whole day and night
Like there’s no tomorrow

One day when that someday comes
We will never be alone
But we will be alone together
There will never be You and I
But there will be forever ‘US’


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