Strange Magic

People come and go
In and out our life
We have been disrespected
We have been insulted
We have been abused
And never been amused

We cross the time
Wake meadows in our hearts
Hold each other’s hands
Fly so high ’till we reach the sun

Started the paragon of love
Now we will never be the same
For every part of you
Runs into my blood
And I can’t help it

I’m not gonna sit this out
I need to take a chance
I need to give it a try
And tell you right now

Love is so strange
Strange as a magic in a stage
Truth is so strange
Strange as what I feel for you

Every time I hear your name
It’s like a bell in my ear
In your eyes
I see my future
Your smile
Makes me come to you
Your touch
Start the flame
Your kiss
Burn my heart
And ‘You’
Makes me live again


*Inspired by the movie ‘Strange Magic’. A very lovely movie, so if you want to fall in love just watch it and sing. Of course this is dedicated with my honeybunch .*

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