A Letter To Your Heart

Dear Your Heart,


I know I love you, yes! I do, but even I do love you there are times I’m thinking that you should be a different heart.


And maybe if you are, I am now with you having a good time. Enjoying every second, every minute of your beating heart. You are now traveling the world, especially my world and my sister’s world. And maybe her heart and yours will be sweeter and open to each other. Maybe there’ll be no pride, hate, and sadness only love. Maybe today all of us have a happy heart.


I am sorry for thinking to have another you, I love you, but you are pushing us away and I don’t know why. I don’t know what to do to help the situation. Maybe if I didn’t leave, this has never happened. Maybe if I stay, there’ll still be a connection between you and to us. Just maybe. Shall I blame my heart?


Are you happy? You always say you are proud of what we are now and what we have. But why I cannot feel you. I cannot feel the sound of your heart. You are beating like no one can reach you.


You may not believe my heart but my heart wishing you to have a happy and forgiving one. Even though all of us wishing you to have a no shame, and with a happy beating heart, it will be nothing. Because it is only your heart who needs to forgive, who need to choose happiness and love.


Dear your heart,


Will you love us again?


Will you start to forgive and forget the old things?


Before you stop beating can you beat for us,?  Even just for today.




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