If Love is YOU

If I am not in love with you
Why I go crazy playing with your song
Even I know it is not for me

If this is not love
What kind of care I have so much for you
While I forget my own

If my feelings are wrong
What makes me keep waiting in vain
Though I know the future is unclear

If my heart does not beat for you
How come I planned my life with you
Although I am not sure about yours

If I myself does not love you
Why do I keep on missing you
Even though you never show yours

If this is only a desire
Why do I hold back my feelings
When I know you are not ready

If being in love is hurting
What makes me happy whenever I am with you
Whilst time is not enough

If love is You
What can I do?
When my heart says
‘This is LOVE’
Even your heart is in doubt


*ideas excerpt from the song ‘ if I am not in love with you’*


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