The Happy Ending and Happy Beginning

I always dream to have someone in my life that will put a ring around my finger. Someone will stand beside me at the altar and will say “I Do”. Someone who will be with me forever in sickness, in health, in happiness, in sadness, and in silliness.

It happened and still, it’s happening, the happiest beginning I ever have in my life. But before starting a new beginning there is an old life should end.

Christmas is coming. I was living with my family in the Philippines 30years ago, and I experienced the most wonderful Christmas you’ll ever wish. In the Philippines, when ‘BER’ months started it means Christmas is here. People will start playing Christmas song in every place like the mall, tv shows, restaurants, park everywhere. People will start buying Christmas decoration and Gifts for their loved ones. Before December 25, you already feel the Christmas spirit and love. People will go to different groups to have a Christmas party, exchange gifts, dance with their friends, and sing with their loved ones.

On the day of Christmas, everyone is busy, kids are playing outside, and some go house to house to do Christmas caroling. Parents are busy preparing in the kitchen or entertaining the guest.

I used to celebrate it with Papa, Mama, and my siblings. I usually have cake because its Papa Jesus’ birthday. My friends and I will set the date and celebrate the holidays. I love wrapping gifts and giving it to my family and friends. Having my family with me is the best gift I have.

I miss them, I miss everything in the Philippines, my Family, my Friends, and how people celebrate Christmas.

Yes, I miss everything I left in the Philippines. Missing them doesn’t mean I am sad because I’m here, I’m just missing everything. I just miss them and all the memories I have. Still, leaving the Philippines is a happy ending. Not ending the connection in the country where I was born, but this is a happy ending of my chapter as a single woman.

Today, I’m opening a new page of my book, a new chapter of my life, a happy beginning as a married woman. I never imagine that changing the chapter will change the setting of my story.

The place and the story itself. I was not ready before, but the time I said, ‘I DO’, I know I needed to be ready.

This is the happiest beginning I ever had because in this chapter I am not the only main character in this story. I have my husband, the one who will give spice in this section. He is the most important character that I have now. The person I always wish to have every Christmas. This will be our first Christmas together. I don’t have my family and friends from the Philippines here in the USA. Culture is so much different here especially on how they celebrate Christmas, but I am so lucky and so happy to be with my so-called Home, he is my home now, he is my only family here, he is the reason why I do have a new happy beginning. Despite changing the plot of my story, as long as my husband is with me, every holiday will be the greatest and happiest holidays I will ever have here in the USA. And with him in this new chapter, I will always have a marvelous, interesting and magnificent story.

I thank God for giving me wonderful pages that I can keep in my heart, and I thank Him too for giving me a new happy story. I am so honored and always grateful to be in this chapter forever.




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