What Does A Writer Need?


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What does a writer need?

Before technology comes out, we all need is just pen and paper. Having those two things are enough for us to write. And that’s it, we had good writing.

But time passes by and a lot of inventions have popped up such as the typewriter, the computer, laptop etc. and for the writers, technology has become a necessity.

For me, I started writing when I was in high school. As far as I remember, I had a dream and I found my dream so majestic. It has the flow of the story. When I woke up that morning, I grabbed ‘pen and paper’. I tend to forget my dreams after I am awake so for me not to forget it, I am writing it. Too bad I can’t see the notebook where I wrote it. I have two short stories when I was in high school and both are gone.
I was at my college when I started to write short stories again. Fortunately, I put it in my diary notebook. I still have it if I have time I will type it so I can share it in WP. But I think I need to translate it into English because as far as I know, it’s in Filipino.

This is one of the proof that before it’s enough to have a pen and paper. Unlike today, we become now dependent to technology because we share it to those who are interested and we wanted to make it more interesting while the readers reading our own works, also it is hassle-free, it saves time and effort. Lastly, it can give us income though I haven’t tried it, but what more can we ask for. Technology helps us a lot.

Thusly, who can answer the question?
Does the writer need technology?
Do the writer still know what are the use of pen and paper?
What does a writer need?

As a person who really wants to write, I still need both technology and ‘pen and paper’. Both help me in different types of situations. So I always keep my phone and ‘pen and paper’ inside my bag.

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