Truth or Lies

Her beauty and kindness, he shall write

But no words can rhyme

Paper that lies

Always sell fast

His mind tried to think sweet things

While the memories are bitter

His heart keeps beating

The wound becomes bigger

His voice burst out ‘it’s ok’

While there is a leak in his eyes

His lips smile

Even he’s feeling the pain

Pictures are so great

But beyond has a story to tell

In their eyes, there’s hatred

Still, they talk to sell

So he asks what to publish

The truth that will make them furious

Or lies that will make them love him



Fake News

COVID is harmless

Tell that to the people who died alone from COVID

Whose life before death is in pain

Whose body froze inside the truck

Cremated and buried without viewing

COVID is fake news

Tell that to the family who lost their loved ones because of COVID

Who mourned without the bodies

Who grieved without the funeral

COVID is a hoax

Tell that to the front-liners

Who risk their life not knowing if tomorrow they will still be healthy and alive

To the the healthcare workers

Who work 12 hours wearing PPE

Who forget to pee nor eat

Just to provide care for COVID patients

We are doing great

Tell that to the hospital overwhelmed by the cases

To the numbers of death rising every day

To the people who experienced the worst symptoms

Oh yes, it’s not real

Let’s open the bar

Let’s open the school

Let’s open the beach

Let’s have a big gatherings

Let’s deny the CDC guidelines

Be selfish

Be ignorant

Be foolish

So one day we will never wake up

Because COVID already won the war