Why do good people hurt?

In their mind, only good intentions

Yet, they are beaten

Why do pure hearts suffer?

They tried to beat clean

In the end, they are broken

Why do great souls in woe?

They kept their belief and faith

But then, they are forgotten

‘Do good things and you’ll be rewarded

Do bad things and you’ll be punished’

Should we hold onto this saying

Even If it’s the other way around?



Shall I?

You are not in love, yet,
That’s what I am thinking
If I am right
Shall I be in fear?

You made me feel important
And I am feeling your actions
If this is enough 
Shall I believe you?

You never declare your heart
How I wish you will
If this will happen
Shall I proclaim mine in the world?

You do like me, I know,
That’s what you said
If it’s true
Shall I be happy?

You never said that you love me
But You said you like me
If this is real
Shall I befog?

You are not ready
My instinct said so
If you aren’t
Shall I take it slow?

You keep your love inside
So I tried to holdback my feelings
If we keep like this
Shall I still stay?


I Miss You

We chat the whole day
Like we didn’t want to miss a thing
We talk on the phone
As if chats are not enough
We laugh, we cry,
And act the world is ours

But time became limited
And seen that our world is different
You have your own life
And I have my own

Despite of changes
We manage to make time
Keep our faith stronger
We understand each other’s circumstances
Let our heart beats still in the same rhythm
And from there, we learned the meaning of

‘I Miss You’



A Day Without You

I made my day without you
A day without your ‘hi’
Is like snow without its cold
A morning without your ‘kisses’
Is like a sun without its heat
An evening without your ‘hug’
Is like a moon without the stars

I live my day without you
And makes my mind regret
I keep my day busy
But my heart still missing you
So I let this day end
Wishing tomorrow
You will be back
‘Coz a day without you
Is like world without life


Waiting For You

We lived thousand miles apart
And my mind keeps thinking of you
Our home separated by ocean
And my heart painfully missing you
Our distance in between the mountain
And I am starting to go insane
But right here still waiting for you
When you reached me on the line
Your voice calm my heart

And when I see you through the monitor
Our talks colored my day
Distance does not matter
With two hearts united as one
Night and day, will wait for you



You + I = US (Someday)



Someday I’ll write a poem
About you and I
All the first we will have
And all the first we will do together
Our first meeting
Our first touch
Our first kiss
Our first life as ‘US’

We will have the same day
Same morning
Same afternoon
Same evening
Same midnight
We will greet each other at the same time
We wake up with good morning kisses
We will sleep with good night hugs

I will no longer see your back
But I’ll be in front of you
Watching you while you are singing
And you’ll see me smiling
Clapping for I am so happy
Happy to be with you

We will no longer use our phone
No more headset
No more wifi nor 3G
No more Skype nor video call
No more viber nor messenger
For together we will walk on the same ground
While holding each other hands
And sharing about our whole day and night
Like there’s no tomorrow

One day when that someday comes
We will never be alone
But we will be alone together
There will never be You and I
But there will be forever ‘US’


My Agony

I keep on thinking
Why my life isn’t shining
Everything is so dirty
And made me feel empty

I am always grateful
Trying to be rightful
Still I am awful
Made myself hateful

No one inform me
I am making a movie
I should have been told
So the drama I could hold

I am in madness
With scene full of pain
When will I gain
The ending with happiness

I feel so weary
Keeping the faith verity
Never know if I will carry
The injustice of humanity